"Wendy is an amazing teacher; she's knowledgeable about her craft and make sure all students understand what they are doing and why they are doing it. She makes every part of the class enjoyable." - Carol

"Wendy takes great care to give individual help to everyone. Her instructions are clear and easy and her classes are a lot of fun!" -Catie

"Wendy loves art and it shows with your encouragement and patience." -Kay

"Great personal teacher. Works great with all levels. Great fun." - Emily

"I find Wendy's classes to be relaxing and enjoyable. She is a great instructor who allows you the time to follow thru her class. Very helpful when you struggle to get the results you're hoping for. I have learned a great deal from her classes and will continue to participate." - Barb

"I've enjoyed a few of Wendy's events. Very informative regarding painting styles & techniques and works at just the right pace to complete a painting in the time allotted. Great for a group of any size as well!" - Kathy

"I was invited by co-worker to attend a Paint and Sip event. I am far from artistically inclined however, Wendy was an amazing teacher. When I brought my painting home my husband asked if I painted that and I got 3 WOWS. I highly recommend enjoying a night out to connect with your inner artist, you will not regret it!" - Marguerite